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          Currently, I am  working on a story about a heroine who is past prayers for marrying.  She encounters a rake at a house party spying on French spies and finds herself paired with the rake, who works for the Crown, trying to capture a British traitor. 

    October 15, 2018:




The Hopless Hoyden
A Lady's Dilemma
The Dandy and 
​Lady Penelope

The Spinster
the Spy

Romance, Intrigue and Humor!

     While taking a moonlight stroll at a house party, Miss Jane Colborne stumbles upon a notorious rake spying on French traitors, turning her dull life as a spinster into one of adventure with plenty of intrigue.

     Owen Sheffield, Earl of Blackmore, works for the Home Office and is currently assigned to discover a traitor among the aristocracy. On a moonlit night, he’s forced to pluck the most delectable spinster out of harm’s way and into the shrubbery, where he’d been spying on two French émigrés, his job becomes doubly difficult.  Now he must keep his eyes on, but his hands off, the infuriatingly inquisitive Miss Colborne who poses an even more dangerous threat to Blackmore, this time his heart.

The Stoaway Heiress
My Lady
The Impossible Governess