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          Currently, I am  working on a story about a heroine who is past prayers for marrying.  She encounters a rake at a house party spying on French spies and finds herself paired with the rake, who works for the Crown, trying to capture a British traitor. 

    November 14, 2019:




The Hopless Hoyden
in Print
A Lady's Dilemma
The Dandy and 
​Lady Penelope

HThe Earl
           and the  

Romance and Humor!

     Due to her father’s investment acumen, Lucy Swinton finds herself at a duke’s country house party.  Still, she knows her place, for the nobility frown on their titled sons marrying a merchant’s daughter.

     Philip, the Earl of Camberley is pressured by his mother to propose to a young lady of her choosing.  But Camberley can’t bring himself to do it. Instead, he drinks himself into a stupor and ends up in Lucy’s bedchamber.

     What a hullabaloo!  When a maid discovers the naked lord in the merchant’s daughter bed, Camberley feels duty bound to propose.  But Lucy refuses to marry him.

     Now the renowned rake must convince the merchant’s daughter to take a chance on him.

The Stoaway Heiress

The Spinster
the Spy

My Lady
The Impossible Governess