Margaret Bennett, Author

Regency Romance eBooks

     I am an avid reader and a great fan of Georgette Heyer.  I started writing Regency romance novels as a hobby, and now that I am retired in Port Royal, SC, I am fortunate to be able call this my second career.  Kindle e-books have allowed me to market my books and grow as a writer. With each novel, I have made mistakes, but I have learn so much along the way.  I read all my reviews and am thankful that people have taken the time to read and critique one of my novels, take them to heart.

     Born in Fall River, MA, I have lived most of my life in Norfolk, VA. Professionally, I have a diversified background. I have earned a Master of Education from the University of Virginia and certification with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in Adolescents and Young Adulthood / English Language Arts. I have taught middle and senior high school students for over twenty years, with nine years in alternative education for at-risk students.

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     My name is Sally. I’m the animal companion to Dennis and Margaret.  My neighbors see me around the neighborhood. I am a regular member of the
Paw Patrol with my buddies Izzy and Radar. Cookie has been joining us lately and Holly and Maggie occasionally join when their human companions are in town.

     We all are excited about getting treats from Miss Kay, who is one of the humans. Well, Radar is kind of nonchalant about it but he has told me that he gets excited too. When I get my treat, I take it right to my house where I eat it privately in my very special corner. If you see me with a treat in my mouth
heading home, please don’t get in my way. One time when I was full, I saved my treat by burying it in the backyard. Now, I’m working on how to ring Miss Kay’s doorbell....

     My human companion, Dennis, calls me the Mole Hunter because I am always hunting them. Not to brag, but I have been pretty successful in snagging several moles. Miss Fran, another human, calls me the only working dog in the neighborhood. I am also very good at jumping the fence in my
backyard when I want to see what is happening up front.

     If you see me and try to pet me, please don’t be offended. Since my human companions are rescues, I don’t want them to worry about losing me. Once I get to know you, I may allow you to pet me.