Margaret Bennett, Author

Regency Romance eBooks

Deadly Lessons

     Lindsey Mitchell is an English teacher at an inner city school when she encounters a former student, Simone, and offers to her help get into college. Unfortunately for Lindsey, Simone’s abusive boyfriend Marc is a member of a gang of car hijackers, the Knight Legends. When Marc
forces Simone to take the gun used in the execution of a gang member and hide it, she decides to escape by taking Lindsey up on her offer of help, then hides the gun in Lindsey’s home.

     Detective Jack Owens, along with his partner Rosnick, is assigned to investigate the
murders. He soon recognizes that there are definite ties with the gang members and other students in Lindsey’s fifth bell class. After a series of crimes targeting Lindsey as the victim, Owens realizes the gang is after something they think Lindsey has. Furthermore, Lindsey
finds herself embroiled in the dysfunctional and self-destructive lives of several other students in her fifth bell class who also have ties with the Knight Legends.


       Jackson Thomas, a.k.a. Jacks, witnesses one of his friends being harassed by a neighborhood gangbanger. With an older brother already serving time for simply associating with the wrong people, Jacks knows the score. But what can one guy do? Jacks convinces his friends to form a crew that helps its members to stay out of trouble. Then Jacks’ new neighbor, Angelo Betterman, who goes by Gelo and has a never-there father.

       Events heat up as Jacks and his friends find themselves involved in keeping Peanut, the smallest of the crew members, from a bullying gangbanger, saving an old lady from a mugging in an alley, recovering a stolen television, and finally banishing a project drug dealer. While Jacks’ adventures seemingly resolve themselves in ordinary fashion, a providential element permeates the action whenever Gelo is around. In the end, when Gelo vanishes with his father as apparent rent skippers, Jacks concludes that Gelo is, in fact, his guardian angel.


Jackson's Crew